Costa Rica continues to outperform

"Proximo polo de desarrollo"

The Caribe Sustainable Development Group Vision

What is our Purpose

CSDG is a think tank economic and community development organization focused on the Caribbean region of Costa Rica. We believe sustainable development requires a two-track effort of attracting investors as well as creating opportunities for the youth to learn and actively participate early in the cycle.

CSDG is driving economic development in the region attracting and introducing investors to real opportunities in Costa Rica’s only native English speaking region, with 243 miles of Caribbean coast line with mostly virgin beaches, and the home of a $1.3B USD container terminal only 90 nautical miles north of the Panama Canal -- to be inaugurated in 2018.

Concurrently CSDG is shaping the future labor force actively leading community development by supporting youth education programs with sponsorships, seminars and trainings in sports and culture.

CSDG is paving the way to investors’ long term success.